Temple Electronica

The Ars Electronica building is very different to any other building in Linz. It interfaces with the city in the same way religious buildings have throughout history. As for what the building represents as The Museum of the Future, technology actually makes us behave in strange disciplined ways similar to religious customs.

Temple Electronica provides all the answers to everyone's questions. The first ever temple of its kind in the world is situated in the heart of the city of Linz. Ask your private questions and let the answer out to the whole world. Oh people let yourself be saved, assured or discouraged... BELIEVE! To touch the frog and ask your question please visit Ars Electronica Museum's Main Deck - September 5 2009 after 23 o'clock.

Collaboration with Tim Devine.

no from onurson on Vimeo.

never from onurson on Vimeo.

Temple Electronica answers from the other side of Donau. from onurson on Vimeo.

Temple Electronica Close-up from onurson on Vimeo.