NOX is an interactive architectural installation for Ars Electronica that facilitates a tangible relationship between people and urban landscape. Through a simple pull switch, like the one in a night lamp, NOX gives the control of a new media facade to the public, questioning the power relations in public spaces. Through this widely adopted haptic interface, the public is given back the control of enabling or disabling the facade, rendering the true function of the building obsolete.

Onur Sönmez & Tamer Aslan

07.09.2013 23:00 Ars Electronica 2013

Special thanks:

Jaak Kaevats, Ebru Kurbak, Patrick Müller, Veronica Pauser, Fino Poly, Katerina Pushkin, Erwin Reitböck, Konrad Storost.

Music: Kraftwerk - Transistor